Welcome to Contract Screen Printing with Special Tees

Hello friends! We look forward to helping you with your contract spot-color screen printing needs! Below are some details to help us help you get into a perfect rhythm for your success and to help us meet each other’s expectations. We are currently offering Contract Screen Printing for spot-color plastisol printing. Our program is designed for businesses and individuals who want to offer screen printing services to their customers and clients without managing the production process. We are here to help you succeed! Below are additional details regarding pricing, turn around, approval process, payment, shipping, required art files, and other miscellaneous details.  

Please note: We are in the process of opening our doors to contract screen printing. Please bear with us while we update this page. Please call or email info@special-tees.com with any questions while we update.

Spot-Color Screen Printing 

We currently offer contract-screen printing for spot-color designs.  Spot color printing uses pre-mixed inks to print the colors in the design being printed. We are not offering CMYK (process) screen printing services at this time, but may consider this in the future. If you have any questions about if your design should be printed as spot color or process color, please give us a call to review your artwork or email your art and questions to artwork@special-tees.com. Please provide the name of your company and your ASI number. We are always open to considering an exception to help you achieve success. 

Plastisol Inks

We currently offer contract printing using plastisol inks. Plastisol inks are the most common type of inks used for screen printing on garments. We may offer other types of inks/processes in the future. Please check in if you have any questions.

Ink Colors

Please review our current list of screen printing inks colors available. This can be viewed at  www.special-tees.com>General Info>Our Ink Colors. Don’t see a color you want? Please give us a call. We can see about ordering for you. 

Art Files and Formats Required

Please send your print-ready files in vector format, at size.   Vector format is typically a file created with Adobe Illustrator and ends in .eps, .ai, or .svg. Corel Draw, and other similar programs do have the ability to work with such file types.   Please keep in mind that saving a .jpg with the .eps handle does not create a vector format file. It simply is a raster file saved with a vector extension. These files may not print well and will likely require an art fee.   Please avoid sending any artwork that involves pixel-based images or clipping masks. We can certainly work with such files, but there is a high likelihood such files will require art fees to prepare the file for print-ready. Have a file like this you need to get printed? We are happy to take a look. Please connect with us first by emailing artwork@special-tees.com with at “File Review Request.” Please send your file and describe how you want it printed. We will take a look and can advise accordingly. In some cases it may be best to look at the file together while discussing over the phone. Give us a call! We look forward connecting with you about your art!   Please convert all text to outlines.   Consider the small details. When printing on dark garments, avoid details that are finer than 3 point stroke thickness. Have some fine details you need us to look over? Please email artwork@special-tees.com to review together. 

Ink Changes

Ink Changes are $10 ea per color, per location. Please note: Some ink changes may require a separate set up.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  

Color Matching

Need us to mix a specific ink color that we do not currently offer? We would be happy to mix and color match to the best of our ability. There is a Color Matching Charge of $25 per color/per order for order of 249 units or less.   If you are ordering more than 250 items that may need color matching, please reach out for a Color Matching Quote. Depending on your design details, we may need to order pre-mixed ink from the manufacturer to fulfill your needs. Pricing would be based on your design, color, and quantity.   Please note: If ordering light and dark garments or multiple styles, color mating may appear slightly different per item, per color. Please reach out if you have any questions about this. 

Standard Front and Back Imprint 

The current max imprint area is about 14” wide x 16” tall. 

Standard Youth Front and Back Imprint Areas

The current max imprint area on our youth palates is about 9-10” wide x 12” tall. *some sizes may not support these dimensions. Please check your shirt dimensions to determine the best size imprints for youth styles and ladies junior or missy-fit styles.

Sleeve and Leg

The current max imprint area for sleeve and let designs is 3.5” wide and 12” long.

Combining Styles

When planning your order, please consider the smallest size garment in the order. Youth tees and several ladies’ styles that are “missy fit” or “junior fit” may not support the max imprint size.  Check your sizing to ensure the set up for the imprint will fit on all the garments in your order.  If you need a smaller size imprint, this will be considered a different set up. Pricing will be based on the quantity per set up.

Order Process

Please send us your Purchase Order, Proof, Output files, and Contract Screen Printing Checklist Form. We will build your order in our system and inventory your garments when they arrive.    Once we have received your goods and order details, we will send your approval for review and notify you if we have discovered any inconsistencies, shortages, or garment quality issues.   If everything on our Order Approval is correct, please return your signed Approval and call with payment.   Your production time will begin upon receipt of your signed Approval, goods, and payment. 

Shipping to us and Shipping to them

Please ship all goods for contract screen printing orders to our address. Special Tees 7313 Grove Road Unit F Frederick, Maryland 21704   Need us to ship the order to your client? No problem. Simply provide us with the ship-to address and your UPS shipper number. Please consider production time + shipping time to your client when planning your desired in-hands date. 


We require payment up front on all contract printing orders. We do not collect or store payment information for security and safety reasons. Please call us when you are ready to pay and we will process your payment over the phone. We will process the transaction in-the-moment via Authorize.net.  


Please allow for 2% spoilage per order.   For every order, contract or regular, we trouble-shoot the set up of the design to ensure quality. Once we feel confident in the set up, we begin printing your order. We take garment style, garment blend, design, ink colors and many other details into account to ensure the best quality imprint. Having an additional small shirt to use during this process helps us ensure all the nuances of your order turn out great.   We recommend sending an additional size small with your order as a best practice. We will use the additional small to help trouble shoot your print set up and ensure best quality. While sending an additional size small is not required, it is very helpful.   Please note:  It is your responsibility to ensure garment quality prior to production. We understand it is much easier to drop ship your order directly to us from suppliers. We do our best to inspect goods upon receipt. We will notify you of any quality concerns discovered from our inventory process. We do our best to identify any garment quality concerns prior to production, however, we cannot be responsible for replacing or reprinting any good or orders due to product quality concerns discovered post production. 

Turn Around

Standard turn around for contract screen printing is 5-7 business days after receipt of goods, PO, Approval, and Payment. Please send your PO and order details to contractSP@special-tees.com. Please let us know when your order will be arriving. If your order is split between warehouses or providers, please let us know.  We will build your order when we receive your PO, and then send the approval upon receipt of goods. Production time begins the day after receipt of all the above. Please sign and return your Approval and contact us with payment as soon as possible in order to keep your intended timeline on track. Delay in receipt of signed approval, payment, or goods, will delay your in-hands date.

Rush Production Times

Need your order produced in less than 5 business days? Please reach out via phone to confirm your rush needs. For less than 5 days: Please add 25% For less than 4 days: Please add 40% For less than 3 days: Please add 50% For less than 48 hours/Same day: Please add 100%

Please allow more time during peak season Our busiest season is from May-June week 2. We will do our best to keep our standard turn around for all our clients during this time.   Please allow extra time around nationally recognized holidays.  We shut down production during the week of July 4th.

Please call ahead to confirm production time for hard in-hands dates or rush turn around during peak season and the weeks surrounding July 4th. 

Please Email Info@special-tees.com for contract pricing information or to request additional information.

Check back soon as we continue to update this page!

We look forward to printing your order!