Updated: 9/22/2019

Special Tees and Prop 65

Thank you for working with Special Tees. In order to provide full disclosure, knowledge, and support to all, we have provided the information below in order to be compliant with Proposition 65 and the state requirements of California. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Apparel Providers

At Special Tees we source quality garments and apparel through suppliers who distribute goods to decorators like us. For example: Many other garment and apparel brands (Gildan, Hanes, Jerseez, Nike, etc...) manufactures hundreds of thousands of garments and apparel each year. Suppliers purchase tee shirts (and more) from Gildan and then store the goods in warehouses across the nation. When you place an order with us for printed tee shirts or other types of embellished garments, we purchase the sizes and colors you requested from one of the suppliers below. The supplier ships your garments to us, we print or embellish them, then we provide you with the embellished product to you upon completion. Below are our main suppliers with links to their Prop 65 policy statements. 


Agusta Sportswear

Atlantic Coast Cotton

Screen Printing Products

At Special Tees we pride ourselves with providing top quality printing and products. Below are products we use in our production process, why we use them, and links to view their websites and Safety Data Sheets.

PolyOne/Wilflex Inks

We love working with PolyOne Wilflex Inks. They are top of the line in the screen printing. Below is a list of inks use from PolyOne/Wilflex. Please note: The compliance concern is regarding if the ink becomes airborne. unbound particles of respirable size. PolyOne/Wilflex inks are viscous or solid. We do not use inks in any airborne manner. Due do some ambiguity, we are happy to provide links to these product safety data sheets out of an abundance of caution. You can also view more information regarding http://www.polyone.com/resources/safety-data-sheets

PolyOne K2200 Epic Polywhite LC 
Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) – cancer
Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size) – cancer

PolyOne Epic Performance UB Gray
Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) – cancer

Rutland Inks

There are many brands of inks out there! Rutland offers some colors that Wilflex does not. You can also view more information regarding Rutland Inks at https://rutland-prod-sds.thewercs.com/External/private/search.aspx

While we use Rutland Inks from time to time, we do not currently have any in stock. When we get more in stock, we will update this page with corresponding safety data sheets. 

Tech Support Inks

There are many brands of inks out there! Tech Support offers some colors that Wilflex does not. 

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment is a garment decoration process where designs are applied to shirts without needing screens. This process requires inks, as well as pretreatment solution that prepares the garment to bond with the imprint. Below are links to inks and pretreatments we use. 

Brother DTG Ink

Brother DTG Pretreatment

Firebird Pretreatment

Palate Adhesives and Adhesive Removers

When screen printing garments it is necessary to affix the garment to the palate to prevent shifting during the print process. If the garment is not stabilized it will move around during the print process and will cause registration issues resulting in poor quality prints. We choose to use Water Based High Viscosity Pallet Adhesive for the majority of our printing because it is applied by hand rather than sprayed through the air. From time to time, we carefully use a spray option on heavier garments like sweatshirts and challenging garments because heavier garments require a stronger level of adhesive to prevent shifting. The spray tack provides a higher level of adhesive for these types of garments during the print process. 

Manual Application Adhesive

Tekmar TB-HV Water Based High Viscosity Screen Printing Pallet Adhesive 
Acetaldehyde – cancer
Benzene – Cancer, Developmental Toxicity, Male Reproductive Toxicity 1, 4
Dioxane – Cancer
Ethylene oxide – Cancer, Developmental Toxicity, Female Reproductive Toxicity, Male Reproductive Toxicity 

Spray Adhesive

Sprayway Fast Tack 383 INCONCLUSIVE Can’t even be sold in CA, due to VOC content.

Adhesive Remover

TB-Orange Citrus Cleaner  COMPLIANT

Adhesive Remvoer


Other Screen Printing Production Chemicals

Below are a number of other production products and chemicals that we use on a case by case basis, as needed. 

Nylon Catalyst 

Used for printing on Nylon garments and apparel to prevent imprint from peeling, cracking, and rubbing off. Allows for longer lasting imprints 

Soft Hand

Used for softening the feeling of the ink. Inks with Soft Hand mixed in feel less stiff and much softer. This is especially great for printing designs on softer thinner fabrics and "vintage-style" imprints.

Fashion Base

Fashion Base is similar to Soft Hand and is also used for softening the feeling of the ink.

Curable Reducer

This product allows the viscosity of the ink to be reduces without lessening the opacity of the ink. When curable reducer is added to inks flash times can also be reduced, thereby saving energy and speeding up production times.

Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray is used to prevent ink from sticking to the bottom of screens when printing multi-color imprints. 

Sprayway Silicone Spray
NONCOMPLIANT Toluene (CAS 108-88-3) - Developmental Silicone Spray

Spot Cleaner

During the printing process some trace ink or inky finger prints may end up on a finished product where they should not be. Spot Cleaner allows us the ability to remove such mistakes from finished garments thereby reducing waste.

Formula Textstyle TS-3 

NONCOMPLIANT Dichloromethane (Methylene chloride) – cancer Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene) - cancer

Screen Reclamation

In the screen printing process, mesh screens are used to hold inks. Each screen is coated with a liquid emulsion that dries on the screen. After the screens have dried they are ready for your art to be applied to the screen. We print transparencies with your art and expose the coated screens to each color your art/design requires. We then place each screen on our printing machine with the corresponding ink color. When we finish printing your order, the screens need to be cleaned so we can use them for other projects. We remove the majority of the ink manually, but the remaining ink, emulsion, and other production residuals are removed during the screen reclamation process. Below are the products we use for preparing screens and reclaiming screens.

Ink Cleaners

Easiway Systems EasiSolv 701
Dioxane – cancer
Ethylene oxide – Cancer, Developmental Toxicity, Female Reproductive Toxicity, Male Reproductive Toxicity    

Easiway Systems EasiStrip SUPRA

Easiway Systems PlastiSolv 842 COMPLIANT

Emulsion Cleaner

Easiway Systems PlastiSolv 842 COMPLIANT