School Catalog Apparel

We offer many different brands to fulfill your School Catalog needs! Below are our most popular recommended standard brands for each School Catalog Style. We offer different brands so we can provide the most color options. This also allows us to recommend a brand based on color desired and supplier inventory. Click on each brand tile for additional product information and color options. For sizing and measurements, please click on the brand tile then select the "Specs & Sizing" tab or scroll down to the Size Chart. If you would like to search for items beyond the styles below, please feel free to check out our Garments & Apparel Page.

STYLE A (White or Ash) and STYLE B (Color) Short Sleeve Tees

100% Cotton Tees for Youth and Adult sizes
50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend Tees for Youth and Adult sizes

STYLE C Long Sleeve Tees

50/50 Blend and 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Tees for Youth and Adult sizes

STYLE D Performance Wicking Tee

100% Polyester Tee for Youth and Adult Sizes

STYLE E - 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee

STYLE F Men's Fashion Fit and STYLE G Women's Fashion Fit

100% combed ring-spun cotton

STYLE H Crew Neck Sweatshirt

50/50 Blend

STYLE I Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

50/50 Blend

STYLE J Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

50/50 Blend

STYLE K Raglan Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt

50/50 Blend

STYLE L Cuffed and Open-Bottom Sweatpants

50/50 Blend

Each time you order Hanes® or Champion® printed shirts you can earn a cash rebate for your school. All K-12 schools apply. Visit for additional details. Hanes options are available for Styles A, B, H, I, and J. Please reach out for pricing on other specific Hanes® or Champion® styles.