2019 School Catalog: Badge Designs

Our Badge Designs look great and correspond with the 2019 Signature designs. Have your customized version printed as a Full Front or Badge.
Get creative! We can also print these designs on sleeves or on the back collar.

Badge A1-18

Badge B2-18

Badge C3-18

Badge D4-18

Badge E5-18

Badge F6-18

Add your mascot. Change the text in the banners. Incorporate your school slogan or class motto.

Badge H8-18

Badge I9-18

Badge J10-18

Badge M13-18

Badge N14-18

Badge O15-18

Change "Senior Class" to any grade or School Name. Make it great for the entire school!

Badge Q17-18

Badge R18-18

Badge S19-18

Badge T20-18

Badge U21-18

Badge V22-18

Get your design printed as a Badge, Full Front, Sleeve, or Back Collar imprint.

Badge W23-18

Badge X24-18

Badge Z26-18

Oversize Badges

The oversize badges look great horizontal or vertical. Which version will you pick?

"Oversize" Z26-18 

"Oversize" Y25-18

"Oversize" K11-18

"Oversize" L12-18

"Oversize" M13-18

"Oversize" H8-18