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Welcome to our User Agreement and Terms of Use

We know the following can be a lengthly read, but it is important for everyone. Please take the time and review any changes at every visit to the site, and for every order. 

User Agreement

“Special Tees” is a registered d/b/a of MSSP LLC (“Special Tees”). The following User Agreement and Policies is binding on all who access, visit, and use the website, (“Site”) or engage any services (“Services”) provided by Special Tees (collectively “the Agreement”). If you choose to continue to visit, access, and use the Site or Services you are in complete acceptance of any changes or revisions to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Agreement you may not continue to access, visit, and use the Site or Services.

Updates to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy:

Things change over time. We reserve the right to update, change, add, modify or remove portions of this Agreement at any time. We will provide the date of any revisions at the top of this page. It is up to you to check back to review.

No Unauthorized Use Conditions


Age Requirements for the Users

Users of this Site and Service for personal projects must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Users who are younger must be operating in conjunction with an adult, or acting guardian who is responsible per the terms of this Agreement.

Users who are younger (Example: School Students acting on behalf of a school or class) must be supervised by a dually authorized adult (teacher or administrator). Special Tees will never knowingly solicit, nor will we accept personal information from users known to be under thirteen (13) years of age.

All Users who act on behalf of institutions, organizations, corporations or small businesses, schools or any other entity of any nature, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must be authorized to act on behalf of that entity to design and purchase custom merchandise per the terms of this Agreement.  

Privacy Policy

Custom Web Stores 

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Notice

All intellectual property (registered and unregistered) of digital or physical nature associated with this Site and Services provided by Special Tees, including but not limited to the following: analysis, artwork, brand identifiers, copy, creative, data, designs, digital photographs, formulas, graphics, icons, illustrations, images, indexes, layouts, materials, names, object code, plans, proofs, trade, trademarks, written and other materials that appear on Site (collectively the "Content"), whether posted or uploaded, transmitted, sent or otherwise made available by us are copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual properties owned, controlled or licensed by Special Tees.

Use of The Special Design Tool, Sharing of Artwork, and Original User Content

The Special Design Tool is available for use to aid customers in the independent design creation process. Special Tees licenses and/or outright owns the artwork and designs available in the Special Design Tool. For this reason artwork or images (“Designs”) created using the Special Design Tool should not be used commercially and should not be resold commercially. Designs created using the Special Design Tool are in no way the exclusive property of the User who creates, builds, or compiles such Designs. Special Tees retains the right to display such Designs or offer them (or variations of such Designs) to other customers.

When you upload or otherwise provide your own original art, images, or designs of any kind (“User Content”) through the Special Design Tool or via any other transmission or Service, you retain your ownership of any copyright (and any other rights) you already hold regarding such. You also represent and warrant that you have all the rights and licenses necessary to reproduce, produce, publish, publicly display, and distribute in connection with our Service, and grant us the permissions and uses of such set forth in this Agreement. Do not upload images, designs, photographs or creations of others unless you have their permission, consent, and/or release to share, upload, publish, and/or distribute their name and/or likeness through the Service. By using the Special Design Tool you also agree to not create material that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any third party. By using the Special Design Tool, you agree to not create any unlawful material or construct any design that is abusive, defamatory, harassing, harmful, hateful, invasive of another’s privacy, libelous, obscene, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, threatening, tortious, or vulgar. 

Support the greater design community by respecting intellectual property rights. Only use, upload, or transmit images and content that is authorized or personally owned. Keep in mind, if the design you submit or upload was not created, developed, photographed, or drawn by you, you may need to get the legal authorization or permission from the creator or copyright owner in order to legally use for your own purposes. If you have any questions about the use of your artwork, please let us know. We are happy to take a look and make a recommendation! 

If you feel that any of the intellectual property, designs, or artwork shown on our website violates the intellectual property of any other third party or creator, please let us know! For all other art questions, custom art needs beyond the Special Design Tool capabilities, questions regarding art files, or any other art-related inquiries, we are happy to help you. Please reach out to

User Content, Additional Digital Files, and Additional Visual Materials

Content or Intellectual Property uploaded to the Special Design Tool or provided to Special Tees via any other form of delivery (Example: Email, downloadable link, etc…) may be used to create other necessary digital files ("Additional Visual Materials”) for the purpose of fulfilling the Service requested. We create Additional Visual Materials such as proofs and other digital content of a visual and sometimes physical nature with the User Content for the majority of orders as part of our Service. These Additional Visual Materials are the exclusive intellectual property of Special Tees. By providing us with your User Content you agree and understand that these Additional Visual Material creations are the intellectual property of Special Tees. By engaging in our services you understand that you have no right, expectation of rights to, or ownership of any and all forms of such associated Additional Visual Materials.

By submitting User Content as defined in this agreement you provide your consent and complete authorization to to grant Special Tees, it’s successors, third-party affiliates/service providers, with total non-exclusive permission to utilize and interact with the User Content for the purpose of providing, without limitation, proofs, Additional Visual Materials, and derivative works. You hereby and do authorize us to use such to distribute, publicly display, and publicly perform, modify, adjust, alter, and produce for the purposes of providing you with the Service AND for use in self-promotion, advertising, marketing, of our Services through any communication vehicles as we see fit via applications, social media outlets, and direct mail marketing campaigns, and/or other forms of publications in perpetuity without any expectations of compensation or royalty.

Special Tees retains the right to display and/or create advertisements and marketing showing proofs, “Additional Visual Materials”, and photographs of any printed, embroidered, and/or other forms of embellished goods and customized products as examples of customized designs, products, and Services.

Sharing Our Proofs and Other Materials with Others

Proofs, Signature Sheets, Other Materials, and other forms of Additional Visual Materials provided to Users as part of the order process or any other Service may be printed on paper for your personal use only, provided that each printed (paper copy) includes any copyright or trademark notice or attribution as both appear in conjunction with the provided digital file. The Additional Visual Materials may not otherwise be copied, displayed, distributed, downloaded, licensed, modified, published, reposted, reproduced, reused, sold, transmitted, used to create a derivative work or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes, except as provided in these terms and conditions without the express written permission of an authorized representative of Special Tees. 

If you would like to post a picture or copy of your proof, or any portion of Additional Visual Materials (developed by Special Tees or created through the use of the Special Design Tool), you must post the image provided in it’s entirety. Proofs provided by our design team will have the Special Tees logo appearing on the top left and a notice of copyright at the bottom.

Proofs for artwork provided through use of the Special Design Tool should be shared via the Save and Share function available through the Special Design Tool. When posting our Proofs or Additional Visual Materials online, via social media vehicles or applications, or when sharing with third parties via email or other communication applications, our website address must be provided within the text option available provided by the site or vehicle of communication and must appear as

If you have a special circumstance where you would like to display or share our proof(s) or Additional Visual Materials without our logo or copyright disclaimer, please send a detailed request to Consideration for this request is on a case by case basis and the final decision is at our sole discretion.If you or your business, organization, or school has provided original artwork, which it has exclusive ownership and rights to, does not wish to have any proofs, Additional Visual Materials, or photographs of products and services we have provided, used for potential display, advertising, or marketing purposes, by Special Tees, please send a formal Art Privacy/Brand Privacy Request to prior to signing and returning your Order Confirmation or prior to submitting your Order through the Special Design Tool. Special Tees is happy to help work with any request received at any time on behalf of any customer or User, however, this request may only be applied to ongoing or future potential use. It is not the responsibility of Special Tees to remove, rescind, delete, or alter any displays, advertisements, or marketing created prior to the receipt of the signed document. You may also submit the form for the following reasons: (1) If you have had our services provided prior to this update to our policy update (date above) (2) If you have already approved your order post the policy update and would like to make a request to stop any future use defined above. 

Special thanks to the following:
Allison Taylor:  

Order Fulfillment

Generally, our standard turn-around time for screen printing is 7-10 business days + standard shipping times via UPS Ground after you have signed and returned your approved Order Confirmation or approved your Official Proof for your Special Design Tool Order submission. Embroidery turn around time is closer to 10 business days + standard shipping via UPS Ground. Any turn-around times or indicated in-hands dates are a general estimate and should be treated as such. We do our best to meet or beat all in-hands dates or pick-up dates, but some delays out of our control may occur. We are not responsible for delays associated with third party shipping of any kind, for any reason.

Delays in the following may delay your in-hands date: delay in receipt of your signed Order Confirmation (signed document approving your order), delay in receipt of your Proof Approval, delay in receipt of payment, delay in receipt of Tax Exempt Certificate or Letter of Tax Exemption where applicable or required, delay in receipt of Purchase Order, or delay in receipt of any other order authorization paperwork necessary to begin production process on your order.

Turn around time for promotional products is based on the specific item turn-around time and is subject to change at any time. Please call to confirm.

We take pride in completing your order efficiently and quickly. In some cases your order may arrive to you or be available for pick up prior to the listed in-hands day. 

You are Responsible for Choosing the Size that Fits

In many cases we may make solicited or unsolicited recommendations on products and garments in order to be helpful. We are at no time responsible for sizing of garments. It is the complete and total responsibility of each User to research, choose, and/or approve the selected garments for your order. Garment measurements and sizing (“Specs”) are subject to change at ANY time and are not the responsibility of Special Tees.

We have tools to review Specs for determining the measurements and specifications. Since User experience with Fit and/or Sizing is based on personal experiences and is subjective, we strongly recommend viewing brand measurements, specs, and product descriptions accessible through our Apparel Page and School Catalog Apparel Page. If you cannot find your garment specifications, please reach out so we can direct you.

There may be some variation in the sizing of any garment compared to the current specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the sizing is significantly different, please let us know within 72 hours of receipt so we can report this to the quality control department of the supplier.


We offer payment via Purchase Order Process, Billing to the School, and/or NetTerms for Schools and Government. This does not include payments for PTA or PTO organizations unless the payment is coming from the School and a Purchase Order is issued from the school. Our standard NetTerms are for 15 calendar days and starts from the date of receipt. If you need an extended period for payment terms beyond 15 calendar days, please reach out for special consideration. We must have a copy of the Purchase Order before the production process can begin. Delay in receipt of the Purchase Order may delay the in-hands date. For schools that do not issue Purchase Orders, we can accept a letter from the Principal indicating a promise to pay, listed total amount, reference Order Approval or Invoice number, and must be on Official School Letter Head. The Principal must also sign the Order Approval. The Purchase Order or Letter from the Principal may be emailed to or faxed to 1-301-264-6464.

All other orders require payment prior to production. Delay in receipt of payment for orders may delay your in-hands date.
For orders created and submitted through our Special Design Tool:  Your payment is required during the check out process. If you prefer to pay via cash or check, create an account and save your design. Email and reference your design and share your sizes and quantities and we will be happy to send you an order confirmation via email so you can then stop by during hours of operation with payment.

For other orders (sent via email or phone):
We can process Credit Card payment after you have signed and returned your Order Approval. We do not process payment until your Order Confirmation has been reviewed and approved. 

When paying via Cash, Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check:
We strongly recommend delivering the payment in-person at our office location. Any payments sent in the mail should be sent Certified Mail or via some other form of trackable postal service. Sending payments without tracking ability is at your own risk. You assume all responsibility for payment receipt. We are not responsible for stop-payment fees, late fees, or interest associated with payments lost in the mail. Payment for NetTerms is due within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of your order delivery or date we notify you, via email or phone, that your order is completed and ready for pick up. We will provide you with an invoice with your shipment and we will send a copy of the invoice via email. 

3% Discount: We always appreciate payments via check, cash, or cashier’s check when possible. We offer a 3% Discount off your total balance on *Standard Screen Printing and *Standard Embroidery Orders when payment is made prior to production with cash, check, or cashier's check. School Catalog orders, promotional products orders, special pricing, highly complex orders (involving multiple imprints or more than 2 styles), less-than-minimum quantities, or large orders (250+ units), do not qualify for the 3% Discount unless otherwise specified. Please refer to your quote or Order Approval to confirm whether your order qualifies. Standard Screen Printing orders are for basic garment screen printed orders of 12-249 units. Standard Embroidery orders are for 6-249 units.  

Pick Up Discount: Earn the Pick Up Discount for $0.25 cents off per unit, when you pick your *Standard Screen Printing Order or Standard Embroidery Order at our Frederick, Maryland office location. (Location subject to change at any time. Please confirm at the time of your order). The Pick Up Discount is applicable on Standard Screen Printing orders or Standard Embroidery Orders of 24 or more, up to the first 200 items. (Ex: Order of 250 Screen Printed Tees: The Pick Up Discount would be applied to 200 of the 250 units). The Pick Up Discount is also applicable on qualifying School Catalog Orders and will be applied to each non-free item, up to the first 200 items.

Any special pricing may void any and all potential discounts.

Please be sure to pick up your order within 1 week/7 days of your in-hands date. Orders that are not picked up by the end of the 7th day will forfeit discounts like the Pick Up Discount and the 3% Discount.

Bounced check payments will incur a fee of $36. This fee will be added to the open invoice. All applicable discounts will be lost. 

We process payment through Argus Merchant Services and Authorize.Net secure gateway and processing services. The Special Design Tool offers secure check out provided by Inksoft and is integrated with Authorize.Net.  We do not store credit card information. Please visit Argus Merchant Services, and Inksoft for their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. 


Due to the complex nature of the Order Process, from design and proof creation to production and delivery of goods, we do not allow cancellations after you have approved your order and proof.

When you confirm your order via the check out process through the Special Design Tool, your order has been approved. The proof approval process will be initiated. Once you approve your Official Proof via email, your order may not be cancelled.

Orders submitted via email, phone, fax, mail, or other transmission are approved when the signed Order Approval (“Order Confirmation”) is returned to us via email, fax, mail, or physical delivery. Proof approval is completed when you reply to your Official Proof Approval Email with approval on the proof. Once the signed Order Confirmation has been received in addition to the receipt of the emailed Official Proof approval, your order may not be cancelled.

Sometimes the Order Approval process is separate from the Proof Approval process. In these cases, changes to your order quantities, sizes, appearance of artwork or any other change associated with your order after you have signed and returned the Order Confirmation, may incur fees. Such fees are conditional and based on the specifics of the particular order. One of our staff members will review these fees at such time to ensure it fits your desired course correction.

You Agree to Count Your Order Upon Delivery

We take complete fulfillment of your order very seriously. We count your quantities, and sizes at the time we order your goods, when they arrive (prior to production), and we do a final count after production prior to shipping. Count sheets are provided with every order. Shipped orders will indicate the sizes and quantities included in each box. It is your responsibility to count and ensure accurate counts compared to what is indicated as in each box. Due to conditions out of our control, we are not responsible for providing replacements that are not accounted for due to receipt and distributing practices. For this reason you must call us within 72 hours of delivery if there is a discrepancy with the quantities. You must be able to indicate what was missing from what box. All quantities must still be in your possession at the time of your call.

Termination of Service

Special Tees has the sole discretion to reject any order at any time for any reason, defined or undefined. Content that Special Tees considers libelous, defamatory, obscene, profane, (according to the standards established by the FCC) will be rejected.